Make your tweets suck less.

Transform your tweets into any style you want instantly using AI.


PostPerfect offers a customizable experience to suit your tweeting style.

Customizable Styles.
Customize your own styles – whether it's a casual or serious tone, or even a Jack Sparrow style!
Dark Mode.
PostPerfect adapts to your preferences. When you switch to dark mode on Twitter, we'll automatically follow suit.
Secure & Private
Your keys remain in your browser and are never sent to our servers. Everything operates within your browser – Heck, we don't even have a server!
Clear Suggestions
Easily remove all suggestions after you tweet with the one-click clearing option.
Lightweight & Efficient
PostPerfect is designed to be lightweight and performant, ensuring a seamless browsing experience without slowing you down.
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Frequently asked questions

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How does PostPerfect work?
PostPerfect integrates with your Twitter account and provides customizable style options right inside your browser. Once you select a style, PostPerfect generates an improved tweet for you.
Can I add my own styles to PostPerfect?
Yes! You can add or delete as many styles as you like to customize your tweeting experience.
Can I use PostPerfect on mobile devices?
Unfortunately, PostPerfect is available only for desktop devices and works only on Chrome and Chromium-based browsers such as Google Chrome, Arc, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, etc.
Does PostPerfect track anything?
No, we do not send any data on how you use PostPerfect. It operates 100% locally inside your browser.
Why are my suggestions not perfect sometimes?
PostPerfect uses GPT 3.5 Turbo model under the hood, which is extremely powerful. However, the suggestions generated may not always be perfect. We are constantly trying to improve the "System prompt" and will keep releasing updates to make it better over time.
What social media platforms are supported?
Currently, only Twitter is supported, but we are planning to add support for LinkedIn, Reddit, and Facebook soon (we've already started working on it).
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